ARCW Designated as HIV Medical Home by Wisconsin Medicaid Program

What is a medical home?

A medical home is a model of medical care in which a patient has a primary provider who leads a team of caregivers to create a unified approach to treating the patient. This team has an ongoing relationship with the patient and addresses all of a patient’s health care needs throughout the various life stages. The ARCW Medical Clinic uses the medical home model of care. Each ARCW patient has an assigned primary care provider. That provider works with an assigned team to best coordinate your care. The people on your team are most familiar with you and your care needs. ARCW has the added benefit of having a number of other specialists that can serve on your care team, including mental health therapists, dentists, pharmacists and others. Current medical care team assignments are listed below.

Medical homes have several things in common. In order to be considered a medical home, medical clinics must:

  • Treat patients according to guidelines developed through research and clinical trials.

  • Track performance to determine how well they are doing at providing care.

  • Include patients in decision making.

  • Ask patients if they are satisfied with their care and if their needs are appropriately addressed.

  • Use an electronic medical record.

  • Have increased access – meaning it is easier to connect to care when you need it. At ARCW, examples of increased access include walk-in hours and use of email to contact patients.

  • Go through a voluntary process which finds that they meet these criteria

ARCW went through an evaluation by an agency called the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA found that ARCW met the requirements of a Patient-Centered Medical Home. ARCW was designated a Patient-Centered Medical Home in 2011.

Wisconsin Medicaid HIV Medical Home:

The HIV Medical Home is a special Medicaid program that was established in an amendment to Wisconsin’s State Medicaid Plan as a result of funding by the Affordable Care Act. 2009 Wisconsin Act 221 was enacted into law in 2009 with an effective date of October 1, 2012. The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) met the requirements outlined in 2009 Wisconsin Act 221 and has been designated as an HIV Medical Home by the Wisconsin Medicaid Program. Based on this, ARCW is eligible to receive reimbursement from Medicaid for the care coordination activities that we already provide. By enrolling in the Medicaid HIV Medical Home, you will be allowing ARCW to receive better reimbursement to support services.

Am I eligible for enrollment in the Medicaid HIV Medical Home?

Most patients who have Medicaid as a payor source are eligible for enrollment. If you are interested in learning more about the Medicaid HIV Medical Home or enrolling, call someone on your care team or make an appointment today!

ARCW Milwaukee Medical Center:
(414) 223-6800 OR (800) 359-9272

ARCW Kenosha Medical Center:
(262) 657-6644 OR (800) 924-6601

ARCW Green Bay Medical Center:
(920) 437-7400 OR (800) 675-9400

So if I don't have Medicaid, I am not able to enroll?

If you don’t have Medicaid you won’t be able to enroll in Medicaid’s specific medical home plan that will reimburse ARCW for care coordination activities. However, since ARCW already utilizes a medical home model, you will be getting the same quality of care as patients enrolled in the HIV Medical Home. The same approach to care is used among all of our patients.