I found out my HIV status 30 years ago

Terry has received care and services from AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin since 2000. Your support has helped fund the programs that transformed his life.

"I found out my HIV status 30 years ago when I was kickboxing. After the Marines, I was a full contact kickboxing competitor.

"My doctor was giving me a physical the day after a tournament. I was happy. I had won first place and the trophy was taller than me. The doctor was checking for bruising  and injuries, and then he suggested giving me a test. I said, No problem! I'm fit and healthy!

"After the test, my doctor told me I was dying and he needed to send me to another doctor. He told me he couldn't see me anymore and he would call someone to take me home.

"It was life altering. I didn't understand the disease. I didn’t have any care. I thought I had six months to live.

But, I'm still here 30 years later.

This spring, we are celebrating courage by highlighting Terry’s story every week this month. Terry shared his journey toward health in hopes of building support for the fight against AIDS. Please take a moment next week to read more of Terry’s story.

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