ARCW Solution:
Integrated, Comprehensive Health Care Delivery

Building Your Patient-Centered Clinical Operations

  • Development of Integrated Care Model - medical, dental, mental health and pharmacy services supported by case management, linkage to care, legal programs, food services and housing support

  • Staffing - recruitment, retention and oversight

  • Specialists - contracting for physicians for the provision of specialty care

  • Training - in person, remotely and via site visit on all aspects of care, operations and information technology

  • Policies & Procedures - administrative, financial, medical, and patient policies

  • Software - HIV customized electronic record and practice management modules to support health care and social services

  • Hardware & Software Support - selection, optimization and network support

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how ARCW Solutions can partner with you, please contact Kate Vlahoulis at or call 414-225-1567.