ARCW Solutions
Sustainability Through Sector Transformation

The ARCW Solutions team closely partners with nonprofit, community-based clinics and agencies serving people living with HIV to overcome barriers to strategic growth and sustainability.

Health care and social service integration is critical to the health of HIV patients as well as the long-term success and relevancy of AIDS Service Organizations. Unfortunately, many ASOs are now caught in an uncomfortable position of knowing they need to change their programs and services without having the internal capacity and knowledge to accomplish successful change.

The HIV/AIDS ASO and CBO Stability and Sustainability Assessment Report reported the following findings of 154 agencies surveyed:

  • 75% of HIV/AIDS-serving community based organizations reported an operating loss in one of the last three years;

  • 38% of the above agencies reported an operating loss in two of the last three years;

  • 15% reported an operating loss in three of the last three years;

  • >90% identified a lack of financial resources as the most significant barrier to providing and/or linking to medical services;

  • 37.5% identified concerns about sustainability.

The ARCW Solutions team, with extensive executive, programmatic, public policy and development experience will partner with your team to create a successful plan to ensure your organization will be able to provide services and carry out its mission now, and in the future.

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