ARCW Social Services

Eliminating Barriers to HIV Treatment

ARCW Social Services help eliminate serious barriers to successful HIV treatment. Homelessness, poor nutrition, discrimination, benefit denials and poverty are common problems that often overwhelm patients. These problems can become so severe that it is impossible for patients to give the attention that is needed to their HIV treatment plans.

If you experience any of these problems ARCW Social Services are here to help you solve them so you can focus on following your treatment plan and sustaining your health.

You can obtain nutritious, health enhancing food from the ARCW Food Pantry. You can receive rent and utility assistance to secure stable housing for you and your family. Our attorneys will be vigorous advocates for your rights and help you resolve your legal problems. Our case managers will help you secure the benefits you deserve and will create a care plan that especially for you.

All of these social services are integrated with the medical, dental, pharmacy and mental health services of the ARCW Medical Center. Together these comprehensive services provide you with the highest quality of care and the greatest opportunity for HIV treatment success.




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