HIV Prevention Services

If you are at risk for contracting HIV, ARCW prevention services are designed to provide you with information and materials you can use to reduce or eliminate your risk.  Especially if you are sexually active or inject drugs, our HIV prevention services will help you remain free of HIV infection.

Our services are carried out by prevention specialists from many different backgrounds. They are experts in HIV disease and the actions that you can take to reduce your risk of HIV infection.

ARCW prevention services have been thoroughly researched and have been found to be the most effective strategies for saving lives from HIV. They provide information, materials and counseling to help people at greatest risk avoid HIV infection.

Injection Drug Users

  • Lifepoint
    • The Lifepoint needle exchange program serves injection drug users throughout Wisconsin. It provides users with clean needles in exchange for their used needles.  If you inject drugs be sure to never share needles with other users. Always use a clean needle that you can easily obtain from Lifepoint.

      HIV and hepatitis C testing and risk reduction counseling are provided to drug users through Lifepoint.  Referrals to harm reduction or traditional drug treatment services are also made for drug users who are ready for treatment.

      Lifepoint needle exchange is available at all ARCW facilities throughout Wisconsin and at more than 25 needle exchange sites at community locations that are convenient for drug users. To contact the Lifepoint program call your nearest ARCW office.
  • Fatal overdose prevention
    • Through Lifepoint, ARCW operates an emergency overdose program to prevent death from overdose with heroin and similar drugs. The overdose program trains drug users in the administration of naloxone, a drug that counters the effects of overdose. This program has reduced overdose fatalities and saved the lives of hundreds of people in Wisconsin.

Gay and Bisexual Men

  • Many Men Many Voices
    • This HIV prevention program reaches out to young African American men who have sex with men. ARCW prevention specialists provide these young men with HIV education, risk reduction counseling and condoms for safer sex.  Group discussions on HIV are available to help increase knowledge and build skills for protection from HIV disease.  If you are interested in participating in Many Men Many Voices call your nearest ARCW office.
  • IMSexEd
    • This unique HIV prevention program uses the internet to reach more gay and bisexual men than ever before with important information on how to prevent HIV infection. ARCW prevention specialists engage popular social network internet sites that are frequented by men who have sex with men. With their presence on these sites they answer HIV questions from individual site participants and engage them in dialogue on how to reduce risk for HIV infection and the importance of knowing their HIV status though HIV testing.  If you are in a chat room on the internet, look for IMSexEd and he will answer all your HIV questions.
  • Safer Sex Outreach and Education
    • ARCW staff and volunteers who have been trained on HIV and risk reduction strategies reach out to gay men at gay bars and festivals distributing condoms, providing HIV information and risk reduction counseling and offering HIV testing. These staff and volunteers are an integral part of the gay community and are effective and trustworthy in discussing HIV issues.


  • Prevention Services for Women At-Risk for HIV
    • ARCW offers prevention services that are specifically designed for the needs of women who are at risk for HIV disease. ARCW prevention specialists reach out to women at risk providing them with HIV education, risk reduction counseling and HIV testing. This outreach is especially important for women who are sexual partners of injection drug users or of men who have had other sex partners. Discussions on HIV issues focus on the special needs of women such as how to negotiate safer sex with sex partners. These discussions occur where it is most convenient for women at risk such as in the home or at domestic violence centers, coffeehouses, schools or correctional facilities. HIV, hepatitis and STD testing is encouraged and provided by our prevention specialists.


  • Every new generation is challenged by HIV disease
    • As young people become sexually active or begin to experiment with drugs, they put themselves at risk for HIV infection. ARCW offers prevention services that are specifically designed to educate and protect youth who are at risk for HIV disease. Our prevention specialists offer age-appropriate education on HIV disease, how HIV is transmitted and how to reduce risk for HIV infection. Information sessions on HIV are provided in schools, churches and other places that are convenient and comfortable for young people. 

      If you are beginning to be sexually active or have started to experiment with drug use it is important for you to know how to protect yourself from HIV.


In all of our prevention services we encourage people at risk for HIV to get an HIV test.  Knowing if you do or do not have HIV empowers you to make decisions that are right for you so you can live a long healthy life. Our prevention specialists will provide you with an HIV test or will help schedule an HIV test for you.

ARCW prevention services are aggressive strategies to save lives from HIV. They are a powerful force for helping you remain free from HIV infection.

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"The Partnership between Dr. Sosman and his great team at UW, my case manager and dentist at ARCW and their housing transportation and food pantry programs saved my life", said Debbie.

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