ARCW Medical Clinic

Your partner for HIV treatment success.

At the ARCW Medical Clinic, our goal is to help every patient achieve HIV treatment success and a healthy life. We believe in patient-centered health care and, working closely with our patients, help them sustain a healthy immune system and reduce HIV to an undetectable level.

The ARCW Medical Clinic will provide you with advanced medical care for complete treatment of HIV disease. We will provide primary care for treatment of your general health conditions and you also will have access to outstanding specialty care for your other health care issues.

When you enroll at the ARCW Medical Clinic you join the largest HIV clinic in Wisconsin. It is also nationally recognized for the highest quality of care. Our medical team includes physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses who have expert knowledge of HIV disease and will provide you with the most advanced course of treatment.

You also will be a part of a unique medical home where you have access to dental care, mental health therapy, housing assistance, nutritious food, legal services and case management support. These comprehensive services  - along with the integrated, HIV-dedicated ARCW Pharmacy – combine to give you the greatest opportunity for treatment success.

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