Statement by ARCW President and CEO Michael J Gifford on the US House of Representatives Passage of the American Health Care Act

“Today’s passage of the American Health Care Act by the House of Representatives represents a significant step away from ensuring access to health insurance, healthcare and treatment for thousands of people living with HIV across the United States and at least 24 million people in total."

“People with HIV need unfettered access to high quality health care and medications in order to keep or regain their health, and to protect public health as well. The bill passed by the House today puts this access in jeopardy making health insurance less accessible for low-income people and people who have a pre-existing condition and by substantially cutting Medicaid."

“Leaders in the US Senate need to do better.  Health care reform must prioritize increasing the number of Americans who have insurance, enhancing access to health care providers and supporting innovative solutions for the management of complex, expensive and chronic conditions such as HIV through the delivery of coordinated, comprehensive care.”