ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic

Helping you overcome mental health challenges

More than half of all HIV patients confront mental health challenges. Depression, anxiety, stress and addiction are some of the conditions that are common among people living with HIV disease.

The ARCW Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic is here to help you overcome these mental health challenges. Whether you are newly diagnosed with HIV or have lived many years with HIV, our goal is to help you be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Through the ARCW Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic you can receive screening and diagnosis of mental health conditions you may have.  You can also access counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation and alcohol and other drug treatment services.  You may also participate in one of our many groups or join a wellness program.

Our counselors and therapists are highly experienced mental health professionals. They are dedicated to your well being and will always assure that you are treated with dignity and respect in a confidential and supportive environment.

At ARCW we believe that quality mental health services go hand in hand with quality medical care. Together they give you the best opportunity for HIV treatment success.



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