Why Choose the ARCW Pharmacy

The ARCW Pharmacy is something special when it comes to serving the HIV community.  It is unique in the country and no other pharmacy in Wisconsin provides as many HIV services and benefits as the ARCW Pharmacy.  Here is what you get when you choose the ARCW Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

Expert HIV Pharmacy Services
The pharmacists at the ARCW Pharmacy are all HIV specialists and offer more experience in HIV care than any other pharmacy in Wisconsin. They have dedicated their careers to serving HIV patients. Through personal counseling they will work with you to help you succeed with HIV treatment.

Financial Help if You Can’t Afford Your Medications
Our full-time billing specialists will work with you to access copay cards and patient assistance foundation programs to make your medications more affordable.

The Satisfaction of Helping Others With HIV
When you choose the ARCW Pharmacy you are also choosing to support HIV prevention, care and treatment services. That is because 100% of all funds earned by the ARCW Pharmacy are used to expand ARCW services throughout Wisconsin.  No other pharmacy makes this commitment.  Choosing the ARCW Pharmacy is a wonderful way for you to help other HIV patients and give back to the HIV community.

The Highest Quality of Care
Because the ARCW Pharmacy is affiliated with the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin you are assured that when you choose our pharmacy you are choosing an established leader in providing the highest quality HIV health care. ARCW provides the most comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment services of any AIDS agency in the country. It has been recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for providing the highest quality HIV health care.

The ARCW Pharmacy is something special.  To enroll or speak to a pharmacist call 414-223-6820 or 800-359-9272.

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Patient Testimonials

“ARCW was instrumental in my quest to stay HIV negative, and their amazing staff helped me every step along the way. Working with the organization was as easy as 1, 2, 3", said Shawn

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