PrEP Campaign: We Need Your Help Today

To: Donors and Friends of ARCW
From: Michael J. Gifford, President and Chief Executive Officer, ARCW
Date: July 2016
RE: An urgent request to fund the ARCW PrEP Clinic by August

Last year, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) launched its newest tool in the fight against AIDS, offering Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – PrEP – to high risk HIV negative individuals. PrEP represents the newest available prevention strategy and is one of the most promising ways to halt the spread of HIV. Since the inception of the ARCW PrEP Clinic, the treatment has been made available in all four clinics of the ARCW Medical Center across Wisconsin.

ARCW needs to raise $200,000 by the end of August to fund this initiative and we need your help to get us to our goal. Your gift today will help underwrite part of the cost of this life saving clinical service. Studies have shown that PrEP reduces an individual’s likelihood of contracting HIV by up to 96% when used as prescribed.

PrEP treatment is targeted for people who are most at-risk for HIV. The ARCW PrEP Clinic will provide HIV-negative individuals who are at high risk for contracting HIV with the same medication used by HIV-positive individuals. It is administered through one pill daily.

Your financial support to this important clinic will help ensure that ARCW can provide care to those most in need and will not have to turn anyone away.

People at risk for HIV with no health care insurance would not qualify for PrEP were it not for clinics like the ARCW PrEP Clinic. ARCW will ensure that all patients access PrEP regardless of their health insurance status. Be part of this groundbreaking PrEP Clinic. Please make your gift today.

PrEP is our best chance of ending new HIV infections, we need your help today.

Thank you for your consideration.

  • HIV-negative people who are at risk for HIV are identified through the expert interactions of our talented prevention team statewide. They are referred to the ARCW PrEP Clinic.

  • There, they get medical care and counseling to determine if PrEP is right for them.

  • Those who are assessed and ready for PrEP are prescribed the medication regardless of insurance. It comes in the form of one pill to be taken daily.

  • A treatment program for each patient is put in place including clinic visits with blood testing and ongoing care for each PrEP patient quarterly.

  • $10,000: Will fund a portion of the PrEP Clinic’s grass roots outreach efforts for this year. What do we mean by outreach? This will fund ARCW’s strategies to achieve a goal of 30,000 prevention contacts this year fanning out across Wisconsin at Pride Festivals, LGBT bars and other events. From those 30,000 connections, ARCW has a goal of actively engaging 3,000 of these people in PrEP discussions and, from that, enrolling 250 of them as patients in the ARCW PrEP Clinic. These goals all hinge off of this outreach activity.

  • $5,000: Covers the cost of a doctor or nurse practitioner in the ARCW PrEP clinic for one month this year.

  • $2,400: Underwrites the cost of the clinic for three patients this year.

  • $800: Covers the cost of all services from the PrEP clinic for one patient for the year.

  • $500: Covers tests and immunizations for one ARCW PrEP patient for the year.

  • $80: Underwrites the cost of one hour of time from one of our doctors or nurses in the ARCW PrEP Clinic.

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