Pathway To Wellness

  • ARCW already provides 12 hours of psychiatric care per week.
  • Will Radler’s landmark gift of $1 Million will fund 40 hours-per-week of a psychiatrist’s salary for 3 years.
  • ARCW goal of 60 hours-per-week of psychiatry care is now achievable.
  • Radler challenges ARCW to raise the additional $70,000 for 3 years to cover 8 more hours of psychiatric care per week.
  • Result: more patients have access to care - 60 hours or 1.5 full-time staff. Greater health is achieved with each patient.

Psychiatrists can serve simultaneously as a physician and mental health care provider. By adding a psychiatrist to our health care teams, patients will have access to medical professionals who can identify and distinguish differences between physical and psychological causes of illness. Then, working together, they create patient-centered care plans to overcome barriers to health. A psychiatrist may also prescribe medications.

With your help we can provide more patients with access to psychiatric care and because of that care our patients will be able to achieve the best possible outcome from their treatment. Thank you for helping our patients lead longer, healthier lives.  Thank you for literally saving our patients’ lives.

Make your gift today so that a patient who needs help will have it tomorrow.

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