ARCW Offices and Clinics

As a statewide organization, ARCW has 10 statewide offices and clinics, all of which are easily accessible.



633 C W Wisconsin Ave.
Appleton WI 54911
(920) 733-2068

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Megan Zimmerman Prevention Specialist 920-733-2068 Ext. 3401

Eau Claire:

505 Dewey Street South Suite 107
Eau Claire WI 54701
(715) 836-7710
fax (715) 836-9844

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Amanda Scholze Case Manager Supervisor 715-836-7710 Ext. 3202
Caitlin Opatik Community Case Manager 715-836-7710 Ext.3201
Cheryl Thiede Senior Director of Social Services 715-836-7710 Ext. 3213
Kevin Fox Community Case Manager 715.836.7710 Ext. 3204
Michael O'Neill LPC Psychotherapist 715-836-7710 Ext. 3203
Nicole Sornson Prevention Specialist 715-836-7710 Ext. 3208

Green Bay:

445 South Adams Street
Green Bay WI 54301
(920) 437-7400
fax (920) 437-1040

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Aubree Heyrman Patient Services Representative 920-437-7400 Ext. 3100
Cathy Augustine, MS, LMFT, CSAC, CCTP AODA Counselor 920-437-7400 Ext. 3114
David LaForest Community Case Manager 920-437-7400 Ext. 3133
Debbie Falkosky Clinic Case Manager 920-437-7400 Ext. 3112
Diane Jirtle Dental Assistant 920-437-7400 Ext. 3135
Jim Brunner Prevention Specialist 920-437-7400 Ext.3108
Judy Mapes Patient Services Representative 920-437-7400 Ext. 3100
Kevin Roeder, PhD, MSW, LCSW Vice President of Operations (Wisconsin) 920-437-7400 Ext. 3117
Lisa Danelski Associate Director of Prevention Services 920-437-7400 Ext. 3107
Lisa Paulsen, MSW, LCSW Mental Health Program Coordinator | Clinical Supervisor 920-437-7400 Ext. 3137
Mandy Krahenbuhl Community Case Manager 920-437-7400 Ext. 3123
Mary Grosklaus, RN Registered Nurse 920-437-7400 Ext. 3101
Meredith Stich Clinic Case Manager 920-437-7400 Ext. 3104
Stephanie Evraets, RN Rural Nurse Case Manager 920-437-7400 Ext. 3103
Tanya Smith Community Case Manager 920-437-7400 Ext. 3105
Tim Stevens, DDS Dentist 920-437-7400 Ext. 3135
Winsome Panton, DNP, AAHIVS Director of Clinic Operations 920-437-7400 Ext. 3101


1212 57th Street
PO Box 0173
Kenosha WI 53140
(262) 657-6644
fax (262) 657-6949

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Crystal McLean, MA, LPC Psychotherapist 262-657-6644 Ext. 3014
Earl Blair, RN Clinic Nurse 262-657-6644 Ext. 3009
Mary Horrigan, MEd, LPC Psychotherapist 414-225-1508
Sarah Liebert, MSW Clinic Case Manager 262-657-6644 Ext. 3007
Sharon O'Dwyer, NP Nurse Practitioner, Clinic Director 262-657-6644 Ext. 3005
Wilfredo Camacho Prevention Specialist 262-657-6644 Ext. 3017

La Crosse:

505 King St.; Suite 200
La Crosse WI 54601
(608) 785-9866
fax (608) 784-6661

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Christine Smith Community Case Manager 608-785-9866 Ext. 3601
Laura Runchey Prevention Specialist 608-785-9866 Ext. 3602
Rachel Groshan Program Assistant 608-785-9866


600 Williamson Street, Suite H
Madison WI 53703
(608) 252-6540
fax (608) 252-6559

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Amy Pease, NP Nurse Practitioner 608-252-6540
Ann Schnepf-Visor Pharmacy Manager 608-316-8612 Ext. 6781
Benjamin Bruso Prevention Specialist 608-316-8623
Bill Keeton Vice President & Chief Advocacy Officer 414-225-1572
Bryan Lautenbach Housing Case Manager 608-316-8604
Carrie Sweet Development Associate - Special Events 608-316-8619
Dan Leamy Clinic Case Manager 608-316-6777
Ethan Reagan Pharmacy Technician 608-316-8612
Hannah Gourdoux Prevention Specialist 608-316-8606
Heidi Olson-Streed Prevention Specialist 608-316-8611
J. Daniel Guinn, JD, MA Vice President of Compliance and General Counsel 608-316-8602
Jenny Kreisler Associate Director of Prevention Services 608-316-8603
Jerzy Wozniak, DDS Dentist 608-252-8642
Julie Ruphard Dental Assistant 608-252-6540 Ext. 8641
Kelly Dederich, RN Clinic Nurse 608-252-6774
Krystal Machado Patient Services Representative 608-316-8600
Laura Johnson, MSW, APSW Director of Case Management 608-316-8618
Maggie Gritt Community Case Manager 608-316-8617
Meghan Rentschler Case Manager Supervisor 608-316-8625
Melissa Coulter Community Case Manager 608-316-8613
Miri Pogoriler, JD Staff Attorney 608-316-8607
Monty Scott Prevention Specialist 608-316-8626
Robert Striker, MD Medical Provider 608-252-6540
Ryan Westergaard, MD, PhD, MPH Medical Provider 608-252-6540
Sarah Dietz Linkage to Care Specialist 608-316-8620
Terry Fox Prevention Specialist 608-316-8624


136 W. Grand Avenue, Suite 280
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511
(608) 364-4027
fax (608) 313-0032

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Amelia Lyman Prevention Specialist 608-364-4027
Kathy Fox, SW Community Case Manager 608-364-4027

820 North Plankinton Avenue
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53203
(414) 273-1991
fax (414) 273-2357

  Prevention Center:

3716 W. Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53208
(414) 225-1608
fax (414) 239-7861


Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Amie Gordon Pharmacy Technician 414-223-6820
Andrew Willenson Human Resources Assistant 414-225-1576
Angela Matthews Linkage to Care Specialist 414-225-1562
Angela Salazar Accounts Payable Cleark 414-225-1513
Angelique Lewis, PhD, LP Director of the Behavioral Health and Wellness 414-223-6804
Asma Iqbal, MD Psychiatrist, BHCW 414-225-1502
Benjamin Mattson Wisconsin House Night House Monitor 414-461-7672
Bill Keeton Vice President & Chief Advocacy Officer 414-225-1572
Bob Downey Administrative Volunteer 414-225-1510
Brian Butler, AA, RYT200 Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic Case Manager 414-225-1603
Brittany Vulich Manager of Foundations Relations 414-225-1545
Bryan Wilson Systems Administrator 414-225-1529
Carly Ledger Administrative Assistant - Development 414-225-1594
Carol Pecsi Accountant 414-225-1507
Chelsea Watry Prevention Specialist 414-585-8233
Christine Hogan, MD Physician 414-223-6843
Cindy Rodriguez Dental Assistant 414-225-1621
Claire Prieto Community Outreach Case Manager 414-225-1501
Colleen Hogan Dental Hygienist 414-225-1557
Cornell Pinion Dental Assistant 414-225-1516
Cory Conto, PharmD Pharmacist 414-223-6820
Crystal McLean, MA, LPC Psychotherapist 414-225-1606
Dan Bitenc Director of Government Revenue Procurement 414-225-1597
Dan Mueller Vice President and Chief Development Officer 414-225-1580
Dana Neiswander Talent Acquisition Specialist 414-225-1657
Dawn Perkins Software Systems Specialist 414-225-1541
Dean Weiner Pharmacy Technician 414-225-6820
Debbie Duerr Dental Hygienist 414-225-1593
Debra J. Endean, Ph.D. Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer 414-225-1527
Delores Manion Billing Specialist 414-225-1629
Desiree Schocko Clinic Nurse (414) 225-1563
Earl Benjamin Housing Administrator 414-223-6848
Earl Blair, RN Clinic Nurse 414-223-6854
Ebony Pugh Patient Services Representative 414-223-6800
Ed Richards Facilities Manager 414-614-5658
Elizabeth Speech Clinic Case Manager 414-225-1607
Emily Hoyer MSW, APSW Community Case Manager 414-223-6893
Erin Manian, JD Staff Attorney 414-225-1532
Fariha Alam Admin Assistant to CFO 414-225-1535
Geni Gerlach Wisconsin House Cook 414-461-7672
Geralyn Schuster, RN Lead Nurse 414-225-1563
Hailey B. Keeser Pharmacy Resident 414-223-6826
Haley Weber Community Outreach Case Manager 414-225-1649
Helen Lai Prevention Specialist 414-585-8229
Imani Sloan PrEP Program Coordinator 414-585-6856
James Hamilton Director of Individual Giving 414-225-1544
Janaki Shah, DO Physician 414-223-6800
Jasmine Thao Pharmacy Technician 414-223-6820
Jason Jenders, PharmD, AAHIVP Director of Pharmacy Services 414-223-6832
Jaya Sharma, PhD Quality Management Specialist 414-225-1640
Jazmen Fair Community Case Manager 414-225-1584
Jeremy Hanon, PharmD Pharmacist 414-223-6820
Jessica Cushion Case Manager Supervisor 414-225-1559
JoAnn Berk Director of Healthcare Revenue 414-225-1568
Jodi Sowden Clinic Case Manager (414) 225-6817
Johnnie Turner, M Ed, CSAC AODA Counselor 414-223-6828
Jonathan Weimer, NP Nurse Practitioner 414-225-1601
Jose Sepulveda Facilities Assistant
Joy Wedel Outreach Case Manager 414-225-1518
Kandice Tipton Pharmacy Technician 414-223-6820
Kara Murphy Prevention Specialist 414-585-8228
Karen Potnek Medical Case Manager Supervisor 414-225-1528
Karen Suchon Pharmacy Technician 414-223-6820
Karena Creten, PharmD Clinical Pharmacist - Project Specialist 414-223-6820
Kartayani Raava Business Informatics Developer 414-225-1503
Kartikey Acharya, MD, MPH Medical Provider 414-223-6800
Kate Vlahoulis Executive Administrator 414-225-1567
Katie Andaloro Linkage to Care Specialist 414-651-3481
Kelsey Adams Wisconsin House Night Monitor 414-461-7672
Keshonda Willis Administrative Assistant - VP & COO 414-223-6833
Kevin Roeder, PhD, MSW, LCSW Vice President of Operations (Wisconsin) 414-225-1540
Kevin Sisk Prevention Specialist 414-585-8231
Kristen Grimes, MAOM, MCHES Director of Prevention Services 414-225-1624
Kristen Hendrickson, RN Clinic Nurse 414-225-1504
Kristin Wollenberg Media and Communications Manager 414-225-1641
Larry Perdue Prevention Specialist - Detention Facilities 414-585-8238
Latonia "Kishi" Green Community Case Manager 414-225-1659
Leosha Aikens Wisconsin House Night House Monitor 414-461-7672
Leslie Cockerham, MD Vice President of Medical Affairs 414-223-6800
Lottie Seaman Food Services Supervisor 414-225-1515
Margaret M. Frittitta, APNP, ANP, PMHNP Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitoner 414-223-6892
Mari J. Lucco Development Associate - Special Events 414-225-1590
Mari Lucco Development Associate - Special Events 414-225-1590
Maria Luna, CSW Case Manager Supervisor 414-225-1523
Marina Zamudio Linkage to Care Specialist 414-223-6849
Mark Hanson Insurance Coordinator 414-225-1555
Mark Rehorst, DMD Dentist 414-225-1625
Mary Alt Senior Accountant II 414-225-1519
Mary Horrigan, MEd, LPC Psychotherapist 414-225-1508
Mary Thomae Social Service Program Assistant 414-225-1560
Mathew Hazelberg Prevention Specialist 414-585-8232
Megan Corey Director of Food Services 414-225-1526
Melissa Cosgrove Medical Referral Specialist 414-223-6825
Michael Burmesch Graphic Communications Manager 414-225-1538
Michael Stenz, MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist 414-225-1610
Michele Kujoth Clinic Case Manager 414-225-1589
Michelle Dacosta, DDS Dentist 414-225-1595
Mike Gifford President and Chief Executive Officer 414-225-1567
Mitch Scoggins, MPH Director of Quality Management 414-225-1546
Nancy Lange Project Specialist 414-223-6802
Nichole Tiefenbacher Billing Department 414-225-1573
Nick Giebel, PhD Acting Director of Special Events 414-225-1615
Nick Olson, PharmD, AAHIVP Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services 414-225-1633
Nicole Lentz, PharmD, AAHIVP Pharmacist 414-223-6820
Noogsi Xiong Community Case Manager 414-223-6853
Pamela Blaszak, MA, LPC-IT, CSAC, ICS AODA Program Coordinator | Clinical Supervisor 414-225-1512
Pangia Thao Pharmacy Billing Specialist 414-223-6820
Pattie Klemz Medical Home Manager 414-225-1554
Rahshenia Walker Prevention Specialist 414-585-8237
Raymond Shepard Food Pantry Assistant 414-225-1515
Rebekah Kopec-Farrell, JD Director of Legal Services 414-225-1530
Regina Penn, M.S. Human Resources Coordinator 414-225-1569
Rob Wedel, CPA, MBA Senior Director of Finance 414-225-1626
Roma Hanson Vice President of Merger & Cultural Integration 414-225-1548
Samantha Sager Billing Specialist 414-225-1570
Sara Olson, RN Clinic Nurse 414-275-1536
Sara Vila Associate Director of Prevention Services 414-585-8238
Sarah Byleen, PharmD Pharmacist 414-223-6820
Sarah Krechel, MPH Research Coordinator 414-585-8239
Sarah Zaug, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP Director of Human Resources 414-225-1533
Scott Greatens, DDS Dental Director 414-225-1585
Shameka Redd Clinic Case Manager 414-531-4740
Shannon Wallace Medical Assistant 414-225-1619
Sharon O'Dwyer, NP Nurse Practitioner 414-223-6800
Sol Aldrete, MD Physician 414-223-6800
Sophia Holt Patient Services Representative 414-223-6800
Stacy Ellis Community Case Manager 414-223-6893
Stephanie Hartwell Manager of Pharmacy Billing and Credentialing 414-223-6820
Tarissa Young-Clayborn Community Case Manager 414-225-1566
Terri A. Birt Clinic Case Manager 414-223-6834
Thomas Minette Facilities Coordinator 414-640-6040
Tiffany Wynn, MBA Director of Marketing and Public Relations 414-225-1638
Tim Ellis Prevention Specialist 414-585-8235
Tim Yue Rent Assistance Coordinator 414-225-1582
Timothy D. Dyer, CPA Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 414-225-1542
Todd Miller Compliance Specialist 414-223-6831
Tony Fields, PharmD Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer 414-223-6874
Tracey Jackson Community Case Manager 414-223-6847
Tracy Perkins Dental Assistant 414-225-1516
Tyler Hamilton, CPHT Pharmacy Technician 414-223-6820
Valerie Ramirez Patient Services Supervisor 414-223-6841
Veronica Britt, MSM Health Services Administrator 414-225-1639
Veronica Walter Human Resources Specialist 414-225-1655
Willie Brown Prevention Specialist 414-585-8234
Winsome Panton, DNP, AAHIVS Director of Clinic Operations 414-225-1601
Zachary Gnas, JD Staff Attorney, Legal Services 414-223-6878


1507 Tower Avenue Suite 230
Superior WI 54880
(715) 394-4009
fax (715) 394-4066

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Leann Eisenhauer Case Manager / Prevention Specialist 715-394-4009
Leanne Grbavcich Community Case Manager/Prevention Specialist 715-394-4009 Ext. 3801


1105 Grand Avenue Suite 1
PO Box 26
Schofield WI 54476
(715) 355-6867
fax (715) 355-0640

Staff at this location:

Name Title Phone
Beth Shockley Case Manager Supervisor 715-355-6867 Ext. 3701
Brittany Koplitz Community Case Manager 715-355-6867 Ext. 3702
Carley Zartner, CHES Prevention Specialist 715-355-6867 Ext. 3704