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The ARCW Pharmacy staff are experts in addressing all of your medication needs.  From help with adherence to assessing medication interactions, the team of pharmacists providers is here to provide you with the pharmacy care possible. If you have HIV and would like to schedule an appointment with any one of them, please click on the Make an Appointment links on this page.

Rick Fons, RPh, AAHIVP Vice President ARCW Pharmacy Phone: 414-223-6820 Email:

Rick Fons is the Vice President of Pharmacy Services at ARCW.  He earned his Pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994.  In 2001 he opened a pharmacy focusing in the care of patients affected by HIV, hepatitis C and cancer and was involved in getting patients early access to life saving HIV medications through clinical trials and early expanded access for Crixivan and Fuzeon.  

In November 2010 he came to ARCW with the mission of opening an innovative and integrated pharmacy, designing its retail pharmacy and clinical services exclusively for the improvement in the health and happiness for HIV patients.  He received a lifetime achievement award for his leadership in the fight against AIDS from ARCW in 2006

Rick witnessed first-hand the strength and activism of the HIV community during the early part of his career and chose to dedicate it to serving the HIV community.

Nick Olson, PharmD, AAHIVP Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services Phone: 414-225-1633 Email:

Nick Olson the Director of Clinical Pharmacy at the AIDS resource Center of Wisconsin.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2003.  After working in a private community pharmacy practice specializing in HIV, hepatitis C, organ transplant and oncology medication therapies, he joined the ARCW Pharmacy in 2010.

As the Director of Clinical Pharmacy, Nick works in the ARCW Medical Center providing medication adherence, hypertension and anticoagulation programs as well as supporting patients and medical providers in all aspects of medication therapy management.

Nick is certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and began serving as faculty for the Midwestern AIDS Treatment Education Center.  He is passionate about working with HIV positive individuals and in the Medical Home model that ARCW has created.

Ann Schnepf-Visor Pharmacy Manager Phone: 608-258-8612 Email:
Jason Jenders, PharmD, AAHIVP Pharmacist Phone: 414-223-6820 Email:

Jason Jenders in an ambulatory care pharmacist who has worked in the ARCW Pharmacy since 2011. He completed both his undergraduate and doctorate of pharmacy studies at the University of Wisconsin who has also had experience working as a pharmacy manager for a large retail pharmacy in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Jason is commited to providing high quality care that is helping patients live longer, happier lives.  He is proud to be able to see the progress that has been made in the arena of HIV treatment that is allowing for incredible positive impacts on patients’ lives.

Jeremy Hanon Pharmacist Phone: 414-223-6820 Email:
Nicole Lentz, PharmD, AAHIVP Pharmacist Phone: 414-223-6820 Email:

Nicole Lentz graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy in 2007.  Since her student internship rotation at a pharmacy specializing in HIV medications she has been passionate about HIV care and joined ARCW in 2012. 

Nicole is certified as an HIV Expert through the American Academy of HIV Medicine and has written several articles for the Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, as well as given presentations at educational meetings. She also enjoys being a preceptor for pharmacist and pharmacy technician students from many area colleges and universities. 

Nicole has a passion for hepatitis C care, specifically treatment of the people living with HIV and hepatitis C.  She strives to increase the quality of patient care, including offering many educational opportunities for patients.

Cory Conto, PharmD Pharmacist Phone: 414-223-6820 Email:

Cory Conto joined the ARCW pharmacy team in December 2012.  He completed his undergraduate and pharmacy studies at University of Wisconsin Madison in 2004.  Cory worked with Aurora Pharmacy for 11 years as a pharmacy technician, intern, staff pharmacist and managing pharmacist.  His professional career prior to ARCW was largely at Aurora Rivercenter working with family practice, internal medicine, OBGYN, orthopedic, and HIV care teams.  

Cory is dedicated to giving high quality pharmacy services with a focus on efficient operations and excellent customer service.  He is excited about the opportunity to grow professionally at ARCW, becoming an expert in HIV medicine, and helping our patient’s live better lives.

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"When Ruthie told me I had HIV last year I wasn’t sure what I was going to do,” said Derrick Brister. “I never imagined I would have HIV, but she was right there to help me out.”

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