ARCW Pharmacy

A full service pharmacy created just for you

The ARCW Pharmacy specializes in HIV care and is dedicated to meeting all the medication needs of HIV patients. It provides the most advanced HIV medications and outstanding personal support to help you succeed with HIV treatment.

Our pharmacists are HIV experts and we offer on-going counseling to help you manage and adhere to your medications and resolve any problems you may have. We also consult with your health care provider about the medications that will work best for you.

We know how busy you are. That is why we have made the ARCW Pharmacy convenient and hassle free. We offer easy pickup of prescriptions or free home delivery and shipping anywhere in the United States. For patients who can’t afford their HIV medications, our Medication Assistance Program provides financial help to assure that all patients receive the medications they need.

When you choose the ARCW Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions you are also choosing to help others with HIV disease. All funds earned at the ARCW Pharmacy are used to support ARCW prevention, care and treatment services. It is a wonderful way to give back to the HIV community.


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